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I want to introduce you to my three girls, Misha Molly & Moose. they are my inspiration for my artwork. I inked each of their paws and imprinted in on paper, then transferred them to stencils.

We’ll start with the baby, Misha. she’s a and 1 year old Bengal. She is super hyper, but such a sweet girl. She loves to be right in with the action, whatever room has the most people in it. she can be a royal punk though, lol. She’s very curious and has an amazing amount of energy.

Next we have Molly, she’s a 4 year old domestic short hair. i like to call her the diva because she usually stays to herself and is the whiner of the bunch. she will play with Misha, but most of the time she growls at her, as if to say “leave me alone you little punk !”. Molly loves boxes and suitcases the most, if there’s one around, she’s in it. same thing with bags.

molly look

Then we have Moose, aka Moo-Moo. she’s an 11 year old domestic short hair. She is the sweetest cat ever, nothing bothers her and she gets along with everyone. Her favorite thing to do these days is relax, and sleep. She is the perfect little snuggler. Moose and Misha get along beautifully, cleaning and grooming each other, giving each other kisses. Awee…. xoxo.