Luna Paws


Welcome to my blog !!

My name is Ronnie, I live in Haverhill, MA and am new to blogging so bear with me. Here you will

find some of the crafts i’ve been working on, including my new hobby, furniture re-do’s. I will

also be sharing my kitty love, I have three girls. 🙂 I will also be sharing some product reviews and

random photos and sites that I think are pretty cool.

I hope you enjoy !!


5 Responses to "About"

Hey thanks for the follow. I’m from Haverhill too, living in Plaistow now.

hey, yeah your on my FB. I am trying to figure out how to make a blog……

Ah I see. Your doing a great job as far as I can see : ).

yeah right ! my blog is nude ! i went to barnes & noble today and got blogging for dummies. have you tried any other platforms ? i have one on but i heard this one is better…. i dunno, i’m still trying to figure out the setup.

Yea I used Blogger but WordPress is soo much better

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